The world is a globe. Or a cube. Sometimes it is even a small cylinder. In any case, it is a delicious composition of fine ingredients, the world’s best recipes – and craftsmanship in its utmost perfection. Only if all these criteria are met, a chocolate can be part of the Bitter Süss universe.

Years ago Gesa Weitzenböck started her search for perfect chocolates and unique truffles. After numerous attempts, skill-honing courses and establishing contacts to the world’s biggest chocolatiers, she finally found them in 2008. The result was the first Bitter Süss collection made by Gesa Weitzenböck. A new cult – with one painful flaw: in all the years to come, these little delicacies sold out within days.

Now, after a steady increase of orders as well as national and international awards and a Chocolatier education in Buenos Aires, everything is about to change: As of now, the more than 40 creations of the Bitter-Süss collection are available throughout the entire year. In her atelier and shop at Hirschengasse 1, in the 6th district of Vienna, you can buy her deliciousnesses. As always, they are made of organic and fair-traded ingredients, the world’s best chocolates, and are inspired by grandmasters from around the globe. Every chocolate is a hand-made individual piece from Vienna’s first chocolate manufactory. Just click on Shop and order – and visit us again whenever you feel like it.

The way to the heart leads through the stomach. And to make sure people know who they have to thank for their euphoric exhilaration, we provide you with your personal collection of chocolates. Hand-made with the best ingredients and designed to meet your individual requirements. As tasteful highlights for company events (catering) or classy give-aways for every occasion to ensure that your guests will remember you in their sweetest moments.

National & International Awards:

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