Happiness can be bought – and given to others as well. In small doses and constantly new flavours. Every single one of them is a grand composition made of the world’s finest chocolates. Organic, fair – and hand-rolled. Which of these delicacies tickles your fancy?

Each assortment is a fine composition of our current selection. But feel free to arrange your own individual selection. Just enter your specific order in the respective commentary field.

Your Selections

Grand Cru Chocolate Buttons and bonbons subscription models:
bitter sweet Aficionado Season Pass - get the latest creations of truffles, pralines, and Grand Cru Chocolates four times a year!

Small gift box with 16 bonbons 120.- euro incl. shipping within Austria
4x16 bonbons
Grand Cru Chocolate Buttons 3x 80g: 110.- euro incl. shipping within Austria
4x3x80g Grand Cru Chocolate Buttons (3 different varieties)

Chcolate classes and chcoloate splashing for kids
Price: 85.- euro
Children from 8 to 14 years: 65.- euro
x Chocolate Classes
x Chocolate splashing for kids
Let us know your favorite class in the comment field

Gift Set 1

Gift card Chcolate class for adults
Price: 85.- euro
x Gift card Chcolate class for adults

Gift Set 1

Gift card Chocolate splashing for kids
Price: 65.- euro
x Gift Card Chocolate splashing

Large gift box

Large gift box: 36 bonbons
Sales price: 39.- euro
x 36 bonbons

Small gift box: 16 bonbons
Sales price: 24.- euro
x 16 bonbons

Large chocolates bar

Large chocolates bar: 6 bonbons
Sales price: 11.- euro
x 6 bonbons

Small chocolates bar

Small chocolates bar: 3 bonbons
Sales price: 5.50 euro
x 3 bonbons

The Sweet Tooth

The “Sweet Tooth” with 4 chocolates
Sales price: 7.50 euro
x The “Sweet Tooth”

Sweet Greetings Box

Sweet Greetings Box with saesonal Postcard:
10 chocolates
Sales price: 17.50 euro
x Sweet Greetings Box

Gift Set 1

Gift Set 1
Hand-made Ceramic Chocolate Cup by gudshapes
+ 1 Santa Claus Diver or 2 Submarinos
Sales price: 27.50 euro
x Gift Set 1

Gift Set 2

Gift Set 2
Hand-made Ceramic Mocca-Chocolate Cup by gudshapes
+ 100g Xocolatl Colonial
Sales price: 23.- euro
x Gift Set 2

Chocolate Flowers

Chocolate Flowers
Sales price: 3.- euro
x Chocolate flowers

Please note your choice of chocolate “colour” in your order.

Grand Cru Chocolates

Grand Cru Chocolates: 80g
Sales price: 6.90 euro
x 80g

Grand Cru Chocolates: 300g
Sales price: 20.- euro
x 300g
Let us know your favorite chocolates in the comment field,
the current assortment of chocolates you find here.

Xocolatl – Drinking Chocolate

Xocolatl – Drinking Chocolate: 100g
Sales price: 6.90 euro
x Xocolatl pinolillo picante
x Xocolatl colonial
x Xocolatl adviento

Chocolate-coated candied fruit

Chocolate-coated candied fruit: 80g
Sales price: 6.90 euro

x chocolate-coated candied ginger
x chocolate-coated candied oranges

Prices include 10 % VAT, products available as long as stocks last.

Selections can be personally collected in the shop, Hirschengasse 1, 1060 Vienna, Opening Hours: Wed - Fri 12:00-18:30 and on appointment, additional opening hours before high days and holidays. Individual delivery and shipping options are available upon prior arrangement but may incur additional charges. Please make sure your preferred shipping/delivery option is included in your order form.

Payment options will be agreed upon prior arrangement (advance payment, bank transfer, cash).

Please contact me directly for personalised orders. Your logos and/or personalised message can be added as well (this service may incur additional charges).Contact

All chocolates and truffles are hand-made – therefore the actual product may look slightly different than in the product photos shown above.